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  • Half or Full Day
  • Assemblies or Classroom
  • Presentations for Middle and High School Students (details below)
  • Presentations for Educators and Parents (details below)


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Presentation Topics for Middle School and High School Students Presentation Topics for Educators and Parents of Adolescents (in addition to Student topics)
  • Sexting: What is it? Is it legal? What are the hidden dangers of sexting for middle school & high school students?
  • Overview of ICE QUEEN and relevance of its themes and story arc
  • Dating in the digital age
  • Pressure for nude photos
  • Revenge porn
  • Sextortion
  • Real life sexting situations
  • Cyberbullying
  • Short and long-term ramifications of cyberbullying
  • Protecting online reputations
  • Real life cyberbullying situations
  • What is cyber-harassment?
  • Is there privacy in cyberspace?
  • Social, emotional and legal consequences of electronic activities
  • Safe technology use: safety precautions for adolescents when texting, posting, tweeting, gaming, and using apps
  • What to do if you or someone you know is the subject of cyberbullying
  • Social Media/Privacy Cases i.e. Mahoney Area School District vs. B.L.
  • What parents, educators, & school administrators need to know about teenage digital behavior
  • The prevalence of sexting in our society
  • Why has sexting become a major problem in this country?
  • Sexting by minors treated under laws as child pornography
  • Legal and social lessons to be learned from ICE QUEEN
  • Physiological reasons for teen and pre-teen thinking and behavior
  • Sexting behaviors that are criminal
  • State Penalty Diversion programs
  • State Cyberbullying Laws
  • Warning signs children are involved in cyberbullying
  • Helping children combat cyberbullying
  • Lessons from teen suicides involving cyberbullying, such as Mallory Grossman & Tyler Clemente
  • What are social media and video game companies doing with respect to cyberbullying on their platforms?

Student Testimonials

  • “After reading this novel, I believe that it is a must-read. Ice Queen is an intriguing and informative book that educates adolescents about the negative impacts that cyberbullying can have, the unexpected consequences of social media, and other relatable high school drama. The drama and suspense of the story make it impossible to put down. Felicia Farber uses enthralling, alluring, and detailed writing to make the story so enjoyable.”- Natalie S.
  • Blair’s story taught me a lot, not only about sexting but also about healthy relationships.” –Julia R.

  • In many of the Netflix shows that I’ve watched that center around teenagers, I’ve found that the dialogue is super unrealistic. The writers put in excessive amounts of slang and it does not feel very genuine. However, the interactions in this book felt real.” – Dina S.

  • This book was a great summer reading assignment because the main idea is relevant to what topics we’ll cover in Teen Pep, and in general for teenagers to get a closer, more real look at internet safety.” –  Maral T.
  • This book is significant for its progress in capturing the high school experience and how it is affected by technology and social media. I think giving students the tools to discuss and understand these topics can be very beneficial.” –  Daniel V.
  • “I really enjoyed this story and finished it in just three days, which isn’t very typical of me. Ice Queen is a fast-paced, suspenseful mystery that kept me fully engaged until the end and informed me of the legal ramifications of sexting.” Emma T.
  • “A captivating, fast-paced page-turner to say the least. An exceptional and suspenseful read that can engage much more than solely the teenage mind. Farber does an excellent job bringing life to each and every one of the characters with her distinct use of language and emotion.”Shira O.
  • “Ice Queen is an interesting, fascinating, and beautifully written youth novel written by Felicia Farber. She is a new writer to me, but the cover of the novel and the summary of the story attracted me as a reader. She used her experience as a lawyer to create a story that shows the dangers of social media and how innocent pranks or pictures can turn into criminal activities. The author creates realistic teenage characters and places them in the real life experienced by many teenagers, from cyberbullying and sexting to online harassment.” Roni S.
  • “Ice Queen was a really important book for me and truly entertaining. I was able to learn about very serious problems in our society while being completely engaged through Blair’s story. I would recommend everybody to read this book because other than entertainment, you gain a lot of vital knowledge and awareness from this book.” – Jordan T.
  • “Growing up is hard, but finding comfort in books can be a way to escape from the noise of the world and focus on our inner selves. In Ice Queen, Farber does an amazing job of exploring the ins and outs of the teenage experience, as well as normalizing many feelings for teenage readers. Her portrayal of each character allowed me to explore how I related to everyone, and how I could change and grow as a person.” Alexandra Y.
  • “Ice Queen is such a well-written book because it perfectly speaks to its target audience. With each page I turned I was more invested in the story, more connected to the characters than ever. I felt what they were feeling and thought what they were thinking. As a teenager, reading this book I felt like someone finally understood what I was going through and put it into words. For parents, this could be a great tool in helping to understand what their children are struggling with within this modern era. I thought the book was well written and I learned a lot from Farber’s writing.” Alex Y.
  • “The plot was very interesting and had so many unexpected twists and turns that made me want to read more.” Hana B.
  • “Ice Queen is a phenomenal book, not only because of the engrossing plot about the unfortunate turn of events that an innocent girl must experience, but also because of the way the novel portrays bullying. It is written so that it is understandable from all points of view, and truly showcases the steps that lead up to bullying, and what it is really like to experience that form of harassment, both in-person and online. I know for a fact that all high schoolers, including me, can relate in some way to Blair. . . I felt that I was right beside Blair and the others throughout both the highs and lows of the plot. Ice Queen is a captivating, educational, and relevant page-turner that people of all ages should definitely read.” Kira F.
  • “This story was not only very entertaining, engaging, and emotional- it was also an educational one. I enjoyed how the author was able to closely convey the feelings of American teenagers and bring the narrator, the evil Ice Queen, and the rest of the characters alive.” Jeanie L.
  • “All in all, the novel Ice Queen shows the reality of the internet and how important it is for kids to know how to use technology safely . . . The internet can be a dangerous place for adolescents.” Michaela W.

Selected Professional Reviews (see Homepage for all)

“With an all too believable plotline in today’s age of teenage social media and high school bullying, ‘Ice Queen: High School Outcast vs. Class Mean Girl’ is an exceptional YA novel by author Felicia Farber and one that will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to high school and community library YA Fiction collection”


“I thought this was a very exciting novel for teenagers. I think the internet is a dangerous place and it’s very easy to write a text or post on a forum and not understand the legal implications of doing it. A book like this highlights those dangers. It’s also a thrilling read with interesting characters and a cool plot.”

-THE WISHING SHELF BOOK AWARDS 2020, Female reader, age 15