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“This book should get pushed to the top of everyone’s list…. A great read for many reasons.” – SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW, 5 STARS


“A highly engaging narrative, Ice Queen resonates as it illustrates how teenagers, immersed in digital technology and social media, risk having their digital behavior criminalized.” — BLUEINK REVIEW, Starred Review

“This timely contemporary novel introduces teens to the social and legal risks of sexting while pulling them in with strong, authentic character voices…A vivid and well-constructed portrayal of teens struggling with 21st-century concerns.” — BOOKLIFE


“This entertaining tale guides teens through the legal dangers of mixing sex with social media.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS


“Ice Queen is a compelling young adult romance that illustrates some of the most serious perils and pitfalls of dating in the digital age.” — FOREWORD CLARION REVIEWS


“With an all too believable plot line in today’s age of teenage social media and high school bullying, “Ice Queen: High School Outcast vs. Class Mean Girl” is an exceptional YA novel by author Felicia Farber and one that will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to high school and community library YA Fiction collections” – MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW


“An entertaining, captivating, beautifully written, unique young adult contemporary romance novel.” – REEDSY, 5 Stars


“Felicia Farber’s Ice Queen is a suspenseful page-turner that takes on a heavy topic and places it into an engaging and suspenseful narrative to illustrate how dating in the digital age can come with unexpected consequences” —READERS’ FAVORITE


High School Outcast vs. Class Mean Girl

How can an innocent high school junior get caught up in a sexting scandal? Blair Evans learns that it’s pretty easy. Getting out of it is the hard part. Even worse, Blair discovers that the very laws that are meant to protect her end up turning her into a criminal.

All the while, Blair endures the relentless bullying of the Ice Queen and her obnoxious friends, which escalates to new heights when she falls for the Queen’s ex-boyfriend. She desperately tries to escape the Queen’s wrath, but a nasty chain of events lands her in the midst of a cyberwar.

When Blair is finally making headway to get her life back on track, mysterious new cyberattacks threaten both her freedom and her future. Blair and her closest friends must race against time to figure out who is behind them before her entire world comes crashing down.